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Pro-Lawns is a St. Louis lawn care company offering a wide range of services designed to fulfill your unique needs, including 7-day a week lawn maintenance in St. Louis, landscaping, irrigation, landscape design and installation, and our 24/7 snow removal services in St. Louis. Pro Lawns specializes in providing services to the following customers:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Villa, Condominium, and Townhome Associations
  • Commercial and Industrial Businesses and Properties
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Subdivision Common Ground Areas
  • Home Construction Companies
  • Big Box Retail Stores and Warehouses
  • Trucking Firms
  • Cemeteries

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Looking For Reliable Snow Removal?

  • We will show up 1 HR before the storm begins
  • We have a client retention rate of 98%
  • $5 Million General Liability
  • Snow the night before? We will have your lot Cleared by 5 A.M.
  • Highly Competitive Pricing

Let us bid your snow removal project today. Call us at (314) 568-8721. You'll like the difference our 25+ years of experience makes.

For St. Louis residents and commercial organizations in the metropolitan area, one thing can be expected with great reliability - between the months of November and April, snow will fall from the St. Louis sky. It may come often, it may come only once, but regardless of the inconsistent weather patterns in the state of Missouri, the snow and ice is most certainly coming. For commercial organizations hoping to let their lights shine during these times, remaining open for business, it is necessary to prepare a plan of action well in advance. In fact, when employing a professional service to aid in the dealing with inclement weather, it is never too early to check "snow removal" off of a to-do list.

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Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers a history of more than 20 years in the commercially-focused lawn care and snow removal business.

Our staff of trusted experts offers professional, reliable services seven days a week in the St. Louis metro area and surrounding areas.


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COOL DOWN WITH SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL PLANNING FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON! It’s hot now, but winter is around the corner! Don’t let tough weather conditions interfere with your business this upcoming winter. By working with Pro Lawns, you can depend on our experts to keep your property accessible and safe year-round. With decades of […]

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Pro-Lawns, your St. Louis snow removal experts, were featured on a KMOV news story about salt supply and winter weather.

Summer Lawn Care

It's not too late. There is still time to secure your place in the weekly mowing/landscape service route.