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Pro-Lawns, Inc.'s History

Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers a history of more than twenty years in the commercially-focused lawn and land maintenance business. Our staff of trusted experts offers professional, reliable services seven days a week in St. Charles, the Metro St. Louis area and other surrounding areas.

Pro-Lawns, Inc. focuses on building long-term, satisfying relationships with clients. We have a 98 percent client-retention rate. Owner Dave Huesemann has a personal relationship with every customer or has personal contacts at every location. This lets clients know they are working with a high-quality, professional lawn care and land maintenance organization.

Pro-Lawns, Inc. works with commercial businesses and industrial properties to beautify and maintain their lawns and land. While we do not provide residential lawn care services, we will work to maintain the properties of large and small businesses. Some of our clients include business office parks, factory locations, condominium/townhouse locations and homeowners associations.

Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers three-year contracts with a 1.5 percent discount. Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express) and Direct Deposits are accepted. We can e-mail all invoices if needed and are able to take training courses to use the type of invoice formats that our clients prefer.

Our company has a zero complaint-tolerance policy and will immediately act to resolve any problem your business has. Our crews have a quick response time and are prepared to provide emergency maintenance services as needed. We strive provide the best possible services by employing college-educated Crew Leaders and uniformed crew members who are H2B certified.

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Services Offered by Pro-Lawns, Inc.

Pro-Lawns, Inc. offers more than just lawn mowing services. We also provide most major commercial lawn care and land maintenance services throughout Missouri and Illinois, including:

Lawn Maintenance

  • lawn/turf litter removal
  • striped mowing
  • trimming
  • lawn aeration
  • hand weeding lawn weeds in mulched areas
  • fertilizer services
  • other lawn care/maintenance services as needed

24/7 Snow Removal Services

  • snow removal (using state of the art equipment)
  • ice removal (using Ice Ban, an environmentally safe salt-additive that reduces corrosiveness)


  • maintaining irrigation throughout season
  • adjusting water zones and times
  • repairs
  • new design/installation possible for existing customers


  • pruning trees
  • trimming shrubs
  • weekly visits to observe trees, shrubs, ground cover and turf for insects, fungus or other problems
  • other landscaping needs using general horticulture standards

Aquatic Control

  • wild geese control
  • mosquito control
  • pond vegetation removal
  • other lake and pond maintenance services as needed

Other Services

  • parking lot sweeping
  • cleaning trash enclosures
  • hand blowing sidewalks
  • additional land maintenance services as necessary

Notes on Pro-Lawns Snow Removal

Pro-Lawns, Inc. is a foremost expert in snow removal. We have never received a complaint in this area of our business. We maintain large salt reserves at three locations and an in-house meteorologist helping us predict weather patterns. We also employ a fleet of state-of-the-art snow removal equipment, including salt spreaders, snow blowers, dump trucks and containment plows.

Licensing and Insurance Information for Pro-Lawns, Inc.

Pro-Lawns, Inc. puts a priority on licensing and insurance coverage so our clients can have complete confidence in our lawn and land care services. The company has eight million dollars of General Liability Insurance, allowing us to take on the biggest lawn service and land maintenance jobs.

Our licensing and insurance includes:

  • Missouri license for backflow testing irrigation
  • Missouri and Illinois licenses to provide commercial herbicide, pesticide and aquatic services
  • Insurance for hazardous materials and pollution
  • Workers' compensation insurance

Pro-Lawns, Inc. also provides M.S.D.S. sheets for all chemicals before applying them.

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